In case you missed it: Opportunity@Work on how employers can recognize non-degree holders’ contributions

Labor market data indicates that there are millions of jobs that employers cannot fill. But, according to Opportunity@Work CEO and Co-Founder Byron Auguste, there also are millions of Americans who have the skills to fill these jobs — and a unique desire to contribute. In a recent interview with Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) Executive Director Ryan Stowers, … Continued

Merit America: Empowering Americans to find purposeful work

Today, too few Americans have access to the learning opportunities that will help them reach their potential or find a career that is meaningful to them. College is expensive or inflexible, and online courses do not have the structure or support to translate learning into a job. By combining technical training from industry-recognized partners with … Continued

In case you missed it: Jeff Selingo on how employers can develop talent by focusing on contribution mindset and skills-based hiring

Skills-based hiring — relying on applicants’ aptitudes and experience to determine whether they are a good fit for a job — is gaining popularity since it helps employers move past the antiquated system of evaluating talent based on degrees and toward a culture that treats applicants as individuals with unique potential and ability to contribute.  To expand … Continued

Charles Koch Foundation partner impact update (2023)

Every person has something unique to contribute. Too often, though, barriers across society stifle this potential, limiting individuals’ growth and undermining the economic flourishing that creates more opportunity for all. The Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) partners with educators, innovators, and thought leaders who are working to remove those barriers.  Our work is driven by a … Continued

What we’re reading: Employers must continue to shift mindset about learning

Degree inflation, or employers’ tendency to demand degrees for jobs that previously never required them, eroded U.S. competitiveness, hurt the middle class, and kept people from realizing their unique potential.  Employers are finally rethinking that mindset. According to recent news stories and podcasts, this movement will unlock the potential of millions of Americans by spurring innovation that will lead … Continued

SkillsFWD grantees will change how employers source, grow, and advance talent

Learning happens in the classroom and on the job, but also during certificate programs, skills bootcamps, and military service. More than 70 million Americans have taken advantage of these learning opportunities instead of pursuing a bachelor’s degree. While these experiences are valuable, their benefits can be difficult to communicate to employers.  A group of innovators … Continued

In case you missed it: Bottom-up solutions that bring together employers and workers

How can employers, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders work together to create opportunities for U.S. workers to reach their full potential? Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) Executive Director Ryan Stowers explored that question in a series of recent interviews with business leaders and lifelong learning innovators.  Connecting overlooked talent with the employers who need them Since … Continued

SkillsFWD: Learning and employments records will make skills “the language” for hiring

SkillsFWD’s mission is to create a more equitable skills-based hiring ecosystem by expanding adoption of learning and employment records (LERs). Supported by the Charles Koch Foundation, Walmart, and several other organizations, SkillsFWD drives LER innovation by supporting entrepreneurs who are making LERs more accessible, interoperable, and scalable. We spoke with Walmart Foundation’s Sean Murphy about … Continued