Why we care about the future of work

When people have the chance to discover, develop, and deploy their unique gifts, good things happen — not only for society, but for individuals as well. As people use their talents to benefit their communities, their employer’s customers, and even their own families, they experience meaning and fulfillment.   That is why, for the last 50 … Continued

College Innovation Network provides bottom-up model for improving access to postsecondary education

Despite facing similar challenges related to student access and affordability, postsecondary education institutions often lack the time, resources, and framework to collaborate in a way that drives meaningful change for learners. Which is why, four years ago, the Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) announced support for the College Innovation Network (CIN), a project by WGU (Western … Continued

ASU+GSV: Finding bottom-up solutions that help people pursue purposeful work

Every April, the ASU+GSV Summit brings together the country’s leading educators, innovators, and philanthropists to ask how they can empower more people to access the future they dream of.  For the Charles Koch Foundation (CKF), fulfilling that mission means fostering solutions that help Americans identify their unique interests, turn those interests into skills, and use … Continued

In case you missed it: Ryan Stowers on why hiring non-degree holders works for employers and employees

In an open letter to employers published by RealClearEducation, Charles Koch Foundation Executive Director explains why throwing out degree requirements benefits both employers and the people they hire. “From my daily conversations with business leaders and entrepreneurs around the country, I know it is hard to find and keep motivated talent,” Stowers says. “A future of work where … Continued

Michael Horn: The principles driving the future of work

Michael Horn is one of the nation’s leading thinkers examining how learning and work need to evolve to create a system that benefits both organizations and the people who work for them. His podcast, “The Future of Education,” examines how employers, educators, learners, and solution providers can work together to achieve that goal. In a … Continued

SHRM Foundation: Rethinking talent strategies to unlock benefits for employers and workers

Hiring and developing people in their careers based on their unique talents and their desire to contribute will benefit employers and workers. The Center for Excellence, a new initiative from the SHRM Foundation supported by the Charles Koch Foundation, Walmart, and the Workday Foundation, will accelerate the adoption of this mindset.  Employers understand the mutual benefit of … Continued

In case you missed it: CKF’s Ryan Stowers offers five principles to guide employers’ talent strategies

A survey released last fall found 40 percent of business leaders believe recent college graduates are not prepared for the workforce.  Stalled graduation rates — around 60 percent in recent years — has deepened the challenge. Postsecondary education institutions like Western Governors University are rethinking how they prepare learners for a job, but it has become increasingly clear that employers must … Continued

In case you missed it: Opportunity@Work on how employers can recognize non-degree holders’ contributions

Labor market data indicates that there are millions of jobs that employers cannot fill. But, according to Opportunity@Work CEO and Co-Founder Byron Auguste, there also are millions of Americans who have the skills to fill these jobs — and a unique desire to contribute. In a recent interview with Charles Koch Foundation (CKF) Executive Director Ryan Stowers, … Continued