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Health Care

The U.S. offers some of the best health care in the world, but the system faces extraordinary challenges. In too many cases, doctors, nurses, and medical researchers face barriers to helping people. In turn, patients face numerous barriers to accessing the quality and affordable care they deserve. We need a better understanding of those barriers, and possible solutions, to ensure Americans have greater access and high-quality, affordable care.

We envision a society where medical professionals are empowered to give their patients the health care they deserve, and individuals and families have agency to drive these deeply personal decisions. Expanding the role of markets in providing health care is the best way to accomplish this.

Research and Education Priorities

The role markets play in health care
Barriers that reduce access, restrict innovation, and increase cost
Innovative medical education models
Efficient, alternative funding of health-related science.

Our Partners

The Mercatus Center is a national research leader on how institutions and policies can encourage innovation in health-care delivery. In 2020, Mercatus created a flexible, quick grant program, Fast Grants, to scientists at academic institutions in need of funding to continue COVID-19 related projects. The program administered over $40 million in funding.

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