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Immigration is good. Welcoming immigrants who are motivated to improve their lives and contribute to society will enrich America as their ideas and talents drive progress and improve the lives of others. The Charles Koch Foundation is committed to supporting research and initiatives that illustrate how best to open America to everyone who will make the country better off — and nobody who will take advantage or do harm.

Research and Education Priorities

Policy designs that propose systemic innovations or means of reforming, improving, or otherwise making our current immigration system more efficient
Openness to immigration, grounded in a shared understanding of mutual benefit, dispelling the false choice between immigration and economic prosperity or public safety
Research on how immigrants contribute to American identity and cultural evolution in the 21ˢᵗ century

Our Partners

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Cornell Law
Stephen Yale-Loehr has practiced immigration law for over 35 years and is the co-author of the leading 21-volume treatise on U.S. immigration law. In addition to teaching and publishing his work with the Migration Law and Policy Center, he has developed a merit-based immigration system as the basis for a principled alternative approach for policymakers.
Samantha Moore Berg seeks to understand the antecedents and consequences of intergroup conflict, and develops interventions to promote peace and reduce intergroup conflict.
Tony Payan leads Practical Solutions for Addressing the Immigration Challenge, a project within the Baker Institute at Rice University, which explores topics related to productive approaches to immigration reform. This project also supports grassroots education events across the U.S. that allow scholars to dialogue with business leaders and the public on potential solutions.
Jack Goldstone at the George Mason University Center for Social Change, Institutions and Policy. Housed within the Schar School of Policy and Government at Mason, Dr. Goldstone researches the effects of migration and population change on political stability and conflict. He is the originator of the Demographic-Structural Theory of social dynamics, and a pioneer in the field of political demography. In addition to other publications, he is the author of Revolutions: A Very Short Introduction for the widely read Oxford series.

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