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History has revealed a set of classical liberal principles that facilitate progressincluding respect for the dignity of every person, openness to new ideas and people, an understanding that the best solutions come from those closest to problems, and the belief that progress happens when every person has the opportunity to find meaning through contributing to others through mutual benefit.

We help society’s leaders learn and apply these principles to help all people find purpose and unlock their unique potential.

Our role in this story is to support faculty who ask questions, exchange knowledge, advance new theories, and teach ideas and classical liberal principles that help create conditions necessary for all people to find purpose and unlock their potential. Our investments help society’s leaders learn and apply these principles to create value for themselves and others, as well as generate ideas and talent needed to solve the United States’ biggest problems while remaining committed to classical liberal convictions of human dignity, openness, and liberty.

Research and Education Priorities

Support for faculty who provide transformational mentorship opportunities for undergraduate students to engage with classical liberal principles and ideas on campus.
Support for faculty mentoring graduate students so that classical liberal ideas evolve to effectively address society’s greatest challenges through future research and teaching.
Support for scholars to connect with each other, working to break down barriers that keep scholars from advancing classically liberal principles to solve present and future problems.

Our Partners

Creighton University’s Institute for Economic Inquiry provides intensive mentorship opportunities for its undergraduate students, equipping and propelling those students into valuable graduate-school opportunities.
At University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Governance and Markets, scholars like Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili are publishing quality foundational research on economic institutions, property rights, governance and political institutions, and governance and emerging technologies.
New York University’s Classical Liberal Institute is a leader in law-and-economics research. The Institute regularly places its fellows in influential academic and policy posts.

Partner with us to explore the ideas that form the bedrock of human flourishing.

We form partnerships based on a shared vision and complementary capabilities, bringing our network, knowledge, research, and more to every relationship.


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