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October 1, 2017 – Foreign Policy

The Charles Koch Foundation’s Perspective on Foreign Policy Proposals


The Charles Koch Foundation’s Perspective on Foreign Policy Proposals

The United States’ approach to foreign policy influences individual and societal well-being on a daily basis. A better understanding of the connection between U.S. foreign policy, freedom, and well-being will allow for a more productive discussion about potential solutions to pressing problems—an understanding informed by, and developed through, academic research.

“Foreign policy—especially its grand strategy component—is among the weightiest areas of government action,” says William Ruger, vice president of research at the Charles Koch Foundation. “It has huge ramifications for our security, prosperity, civil liberties, fiscal health, and our relationships with other nations and peoples. It is critical that we get our foreign policy right.”

In an effort to broaden the array of voices contributing to the conversation, the Charles Koch Foundation is currently requesting proposals for research related to grand strategy, free trade, and diplomacy. Few national policies have a greater influence on the safety and flourishing of the American people than these three areas of foreign policy.

While there are other areas in international relations deserving of attention (e.g., cybersecurity), the Foundation does not address these research topics at this time. As our organization continues to grow, we anticipate that we will develop our capabilities to broaden the scope of the foreign policy research we fund.

Our goal is ultimately to spark a broader, genuine discussion, identify additional avenues for research, and learn from the best minds in the field how to better advance American security.