July 20, 2021 – Future of Work

RealClearEducation highlights ASU’s stackable credential system


In a July article, RealClearEducation writer John Hirschauer examined how stackable credentials make it easier for students to customize their learning journeys. As Hirschauer explained, credentials like those offered by Arizona State University have been a tool for lifelong learning for nearly four decades. The credentials are accumulated over time and their stackable nature means they can be completed in tandem with other certification courses.

Charles Koch Foundation Executive Director Ryan Stowers told Hirschauer stackable credentials will empower learners to pursue individualized pathways while potentially reducing student debt. “If more learners can pursue low-cost, quality pathways that offer portability and the opportunity to begin fulfilling careers, then we should start to see fewer of the ‘non-completers’ [or college programs] that leave people with burdensome debt,” Stowers said.

Read the full story. Read more about the Charles Koch Foundation’s partnership with Arizona State University.

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