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We believe that every individual is unique and has potential to contribute to society. The purpose of education is to unlock that potential by helping learners discover their aptitudes and interests, develop skills, and then deploy that knowledge to benefit themselves and others. Education should inspire curiosity, creativity, and the desire to contribute.

We envision a society where everyone has opportunities to pursue lifelong learning and drive their own success. In postsecondary education, this includes access to a two- or four-year degree, as well as an expanding pool of educational pathways that are high-quality, individualized, and relevant to opportunities of the 21st century.

The Charles Koch Foundation supports educational opportunities that respect the dignity of all learners, foster a diversity of approaches, and are open to the free flow of ideas and innovation.

Research and Education Priorities

Better methods for identifying and communicating learner outcomes
Individualized educational experiences
New technologies and operating models that better align incentives to improve access and quality
Identifying and addressing barriers to innovation
Increased flexibility and hands-on learning (including stackable credentials, apprenticeships, and work-study programs)

Our Partners

Rich Baraniuk

Rich Baraniuk leads OpenStax, a nationwide leader in expanding access to education. A part of Rice University, OpenStax publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed college textbooks that are free online and low-cost in print, reducing a barrier that students regularly face. Since its inception in 2012, OpenStax has saved over 4 million students over $1.2 billion
At Arizona State University, President Michael Crow is leading an effort to reinvent the public research university. Among many other efforts, ASU is accelerating development of a stackable credential system, reimagining how universities and employers manage transcripts and student records, and even enrolling high-school students in a digital curriculum personalized to them.
Western Governors University is the first university where all degrees are competency based. Started two decades ago by a group of forward-thinking governors, WGU now has over 130,000 students and 200,000 graduates. Served by a faculty of 4,400, WGU focuses on student-centered design, serving working learners, and providing pathways to opportunity for all.

Steve Lee

Steve Lee leads SkillUp, a coalition of nearly 50 employers, training and education providers, career success nonprofits, and philanthropies that helps people who lost work or wages because of COVID-19 get rehired in high-growth industries. SkillUp helps workers identify their existing skills and interests, then recommends low-cost, flexible, career-relevant training programs and certificates, as well as job opportunities with hiring employers that offer generous upskilling benefits. SkillUp also offers scholarships for select programs that can help offset the financial cost of pursuing a new career path.

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