March 24, 2020 – Free Speech & Peace

Charles Koch Foundation raises concern over call to intimidate scholars as courses move online amid COVID-19 pandemic


As Americans drastically alter their lives to protect their health and the health of their neighbors, scholars at colleges and universities across the country are working to recreate campus courses and programs in a virtual environment. In stark contrast to those rallying to support these efforts, Turning Point USA is calling for its members to secretly record professors with whom they disagree. Charles Koch Foundation Vice President of Philanthropy Charlie Ruger issued the following statement:

Inciting harassment against scholars isn’t just wrong at a time when many are seeking out new ways to engage their students during a crisis, it’s always wrong. Targeting, intimidating, and otherwise attempting to silence academics chills the open exchange of ideas and, in turn, chokes off progress. We’re proud to partner with universities and professors who continue to demonstrate steadfast commitment to expanding students’ access to a diversity of ideas, now and in the future.

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