An open exchange of ideas for a flourishing society

Science of Liberty

Every society has rules, norms, and traditions that form its foundation. These define the institutions that shape our daily lives.

We believe that certain principles lead to transformational progress in human flourishing — principles like equal rights, openness, toleration, rule of law, open inquiry, and individual dignity. Individuals within societies which embrace these principles are more likely to unlock their potential.

But why do these principles promote human flourishing? How do they impact institutions? How should we challenge our assumptions? Where can we grow in our understanding and application?

We support scholarly inquiry and educational opportunities that explore the principles behind progress. We look for partners committed to rigorous research, and who share our vision of a society where all people are empowered to contribute their unique gifts to the world.

Research and Education Priorities

Foundational Research that increases our understanding of how the principles of human flourishing shape society’s institutions and impact the ability of individuals to realize their potential.
Support for Graduate Students to ensure the next generation of scholars are equipped with the theories and concepts that support human flourishing.
Educational Opportunities for Undergraduate Students that give all students the opportunity to engage with liberal principles and ideas on campus.

Our Partners

Creighton University’s Institute for Economic Inquiry provides intensive mentorship opportunities for its undergraduate students, equipping and propelling those students into valuable graduate-school opportunities.
At University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Governance and Markets, scholars like Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili are publishing quality foundational research on economic institutions, property rights, governance and political institutions, and governance and emerging technologies.
New York University’s Classical Liberal Institute is a leader in law-and-economics research. The Institute regularly places its fellows in influential academic and policy posts.

Partner with us to explore the ideas that form the bedrock of human flourishing.

We form partnerships based on a shared vision and complementary capabilities, bringing our network, knowledge, research, and more to every relationship.