The Courage to Collaborate

We’re working to understand what drives intolerance and the best ways to cure it.

By supporting scholars undertaking research on why people often fear the “other,” finding new tools to encourage discussion when we don’t agree, and elevating stories about people already bridging even the deepest divides, we can empower individuals to embrace differences as opportunities to learn, grow, and change the world for the better.


Research of Consequence

Scientists and students are reaching across institutional and disciplinary divides to understand why people are wired to reject those who are different. Understanding the roots of intolerance will help us learn how to cure it.

Tools that Work

We can learn to react with curiosity rather than fear when confronted with people from different cultures, geographies, and worldviews. The best courageous collaborations allow differences to become opportunities to learn and change the world for the better.

Stories that Inspire

These courageous collaborators are tackling difficult issues with empathy, creativity, and intelligence in an increasingly polarized climate. Use these stories to launch your own collaborations and take action in your life.

Our Partners

Narrative 4: Telling Another’s Story

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Narrative 4's story exchange program captures the power of storytelling to foster empathy, build trust, and create a feeling of belonging and connection.

National HBCU Speech and Debate League

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A great tradition is revived thanks to the launch of the National HBCU Speech and Debate League, which teaches students critical thinking, empathy, and leadership through debate.

Asma Uddin: Tests of Faith

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“My religion is very central to who I am, and it is for other people, too. Why should that be shut out of the public space?”

Kurt Gray: The Roots of Intolerance

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How to cure our political divisions? First, says Professor Kurt Gray, we need to understand how our minds work.

Juliana Schroeder: The Psychology of Division

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Juliana Schroeder studies how we judge one another—and what we can do to keep inevitable disagreements from becoming unbridgeable divides.

Differences Make Us Stronger

Let’s foster a culture where people can embrace diversity and find ways to collaborate.