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Individualized Pathways in Postsecondary Education Series

Thank you for joining our recent CKF Pathways event series. We are inspired by innovators like you who are transforming education and we look forward to collaborating with you on bottom-up solutions that empower learners to reach their potential.

To continue the conversation, we invite you to check out the post-event materials below and to connect with us for more content and opportunities for collaboration.

Event 1

Co-creating Education: Strategies for building programs with learners at the center

Education can do a better job of responding to learner needs! In this video engage in a forward-thinking conversation and discuss best practices and case studies from Learner Voice.

CKF is proud to partner with these leading education thought leaders. If you enjoyed hearing from these speakers connect and learn more about their background here:

Event 2

Behind the Scenes: Creating & Scaling Individualized Pathways

Watch Cheryl Hyman (Author and Vice Provost for Academic Alliances, Arizona State University), Sarah Saxton-Frump (Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, PelotonU), Steve Lee (Executive Director, SkillUp Coalition) and Ryan Stowers (Charles Koch Foundation) in this engaging conversation around navigating the barriers of the postsecondary education system to create more individualized learning opportunities. Each speaker brings their unique perspective from a variety of institutional models to share how education leaders can build and scale new pathways that better serve today’s learners.

This Charles Koch Foundation survey shows that majority of Americans think colleges should innovate and adapt to students’ needs. And less than one-fifth of the population think higher education is headed in the right direction.

CKF is proud to partner with these leading education entrepreneurs towards individualized education. If you enjoyed hearing from these speakers learn more about their work and background here:

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