February 22, 2018 – Free Speech & Peace

John Hardin Columbia Knight Announcement


The Charles Koch Foundation is honored to stand alongside philanthropic partners including Democracy Fund, Knight Foundation, and First Look Media in supporting the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, so it can expand its critical work and impact. Since its inception in 2016, the Knight First Amendment Institute has become one the most respected scholarly institutions exploring free speech in a digital age. The work of the Institute is critical given the rapid advances in technology which, while bringing tremendous societal benefits, also bring additional threats of government surveillance, as well as threats to online speech, freedom of assembly, and press freedom.

This is part of our commitment to support students, scholars, and organizations exploring many of the most pressing issues facing free expression. This includes commitments to organizations such as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, working to ensure higher education remains a place for rigorous and diverse exploration of the most critical issues in society, and organizations like Poynter Institute, experimenting with programs to equip students journalists with the tools to model productive discourse on their pages. There are also programs at many of the more than 350 schools that we support across the country, which are modeling for students, and engaging them directly in, civil discourse and expression, such as the national debate competition for HBCUs at Wiley College and the Janus Forum at Brown University.

To learn more, see the Knight First Amendment Institute’s news.