June 17, 2020 – Education

CurrikiStudio will allow users to easily create, publish free educational content


CurrikiStudio will allow users to easily create, publish free educational content

Curriki, a nonprofit education service that provides free, open educational resources, announced today the launch of CurrikiStudio, an intuitive authoring and publishing tool that will allow content creators and education organizations to affordably build and release interactive content for learners at every stage of life.

The effort is supported with $500,000 from the Stand Together community, including the Charles Koch Foundation. At a time when thousands of institutions—from primary school to college—are implementing distance learning, CurrikiStudio will allow users to create compelling content and fast track delivery, getting materials in educators’ hands more quickly and helping students to learn more effectively.

“There has never been a more compelling and necessary time to disrupt and enhance content development with technology and open source collaboration,” said Curriki CEO Keith Kostrzewski.

CurrikiStudio, which is accessible to everyone since it is designed for users without any coding experience, currently includes:

  • More than 40 interactive activity types to bring content to life;
  • Intuitive, guided workflow for a wide-range of content authors;
  • Embedded integration process to ensure one-click publishing; and
  • Certification with IMS Global edtech interoperability standards, which creates better user experiences, enables greater educational insight, and enhances flexibility and efficiency.

“These tools enable the quick and easy creation of better learning experiences for learners anywhere, anytime, on any device,” Curriki co-founder Scott McNealy.

CurrikiStudio will allow users to create and customize interactive learning tools that work seamlessly on mobile platforms, which is of growing importance to teachers and students. Using CurrikiGo, a multi-site publishing environment, creators will be able to publish full courses, micro-learning modules, or lessons as browser-based interactives and will be able to get their content into the hands of learners with instant publishing.

“Curriki is creating technology and content solutions that will empower students at all levels of learning and will be accessible to all, for free,” said CKF Executive Director Ryan Stowers. “We are excited to be Curriki’s partner in this effort.”

Like Curriki’s open education resources for teachers, CurrikiStudio will be free to all users.

Click here to read Curriki’s announcement.