Doing well by doing good

Principled Entrepreneurship

Creating a brighter future requires the work of principled entrepreneurs — those who know how to spot better ways to create value for others.

Everyone can practice and benefit from principled entrepreneurship throughout their professional and personal lives. That’s why the Charles Koch Foundation supports educational experiences that enhance the understanding and practice of values-based entrepreneurial principles across disciplines, ensuring that all learners have an opportunity to learn how they can apply their unique skills and insights in a cycle of mutual benefit.

Research and Education Priorities

Educational experiences focused on building the skills necessary to create value for others
Learner-driven programs that help students of all backgrounds develop a contribution mindset, agency, adaptability, and economic thinking
Experiential programming that bridges the gap between the classroom and practice

Our Partners

Keiran Roche leads a program at Catholic University of America- Tucson which makes it possible for students from underserved communities to earn high-quality, affordable bachelor’s degrees in business. This new model for undergraduate learning uses a curriculum developed and delivered remotely by Catholic University faculty and reinforced by in-person coaches, local employers, and community members. This allows students to learn Principled Entrepreneurship and realize their career potential while staying close to home.
Western Michigan University’s Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy offers a leadership and business strategy major and minor that pairs students and Michigan-based businesses together in large-scale consulting projects, executive mentorship for students, and the involvement of students in the process of acquiring and operating Michigan small businesses. The effort also provides opportunity for students to operate a real purpose-driven wine brand—Bronconess—that has generated $35K in scholarships to date.
The Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Baylor University studies the contours of society that encourage and foster economic growth and entrepreneurial activity. Scholars within the center study policies and new entrepreneurial trends that will empower individual advancement and overcome barriers to opportunity. The center also trains the next generation of entrepreneurship scholars in the research and teaching necessary for research in this growing field.
Indiana University’s Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a nationwide leader in entrepreneurship education, featuring a comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum at the PhD, MBA, and undergraduate levels.

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